Power for the green shift

Let us explain!

Want to know how energy stuff really works? How we answer myths about power prices? How we can reach the two degree target? Read all about this and more on our website Explained by Statkraft.

Our experts

Christine Schei Liland
Business IT Developer

Christine Schei Liland is titled Business IT Developer and works with data modelling and project management in Statkraft's Markets and IT business area. 

Matthias Holzenkamp
Vice President

Matthias Holzenkamp is Vice President in Statkraft's Commercial Asset Management unit in Germany. The unit is part of the company's Markets and IT business area.

Svein Ove Slinde
Head of Statkraft District Heating

Svein Ove Slinde is managing director and head of Statkraft Varme, which is Statkraft's business unit for district heating activities.

Henrik Nissen Sætness
Senior Vice President

Henrik Nissen Sætness heads Statkraft's Corporate Strategy & Analysis unit. He was the driving force behind the company's Low Emissions Scenario 2018 report.

Pratyush Thakur
Managing Director

Pratyush Kumar Thakur is managing director of Statkraft Solar Solutions and head of Statkraft's development of solar energy in the country.

Willemien van den Hoogen
Business Development Manager

Willemien van den Hoogen is business developer in Statkraft's Solar Installation & Sales unit, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Rune Gjessing
Managing Director

Rune Gjessing is managing director of Silva Green Fuel, which will test new technology to produce biodiesel using residual waste from forestry operations.

Mari Grooss Viddal
Senior Advisor

Mari Grooss Viddal is senior advisor in Statkraft's strategic market analysis unit.

Andreas Bader
Vice President

Andreas Bader is vice president of the Sales & New Products unit in Statkraft's Markets and IT business area. The unit is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Aslak Mæland
Vice President

Aslak Mæland is production planner in Statkraft's Markets and IT business area.

Atle Haga
Program Director, Statkraft Data Center Sites

Atle Haga heads Statkraft's initiative to facilitate for the establishing of energy-intensive data centres in Norway.

Bjørn Mo Østgren
Vice President

Bjørn Mo Østgren is vice president of the Asset and Project Management unit in Statkraft. His responsibility is the follow up of the company's wind farms in Northwest Europe.

Camilla Feurst
Senior Specialist Risk Management

Camilla Feurst is a senior specialist in risk management in Statkraft's Power Production business area. 

Bjørn Holsen
Senior Vice President

Bjørn Holsen is responsible for business development and heads the New Business unit in Statkraft's European Wind and Solar business area.

Christian Rynning-Tønnesen
Chief Executive Officer

Christian Rynning-Tønnesen is CEO of Statkraft, a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe's largest generator of renewable energy.


Technoport event

Technoport 2019

Statkraft is conference partner of the Technoport 2019 Conference. Arne J. Haugland, who is vice president of Digitalization and Algo in the company's Markets & IT business area, will head a session on 'Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading'. He will be joined by members from his team in an interactive part of the conference.

In addition, Statkraft will be present at Technoport 2019 with representatives from Corporate Research and Development, as well as Human Resources.

Place: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Brattørkaia 1, NO-7010 Trondheim, Norway.
Time: Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM CET.

The Technoport 2019 Conference is titled 'Nordic Deep Tech'. More than 1000 innovators gather in Trondheim every year to explore the exciting world of deep technological innovations. 

Technoport is a non-profit member organisation working to promote research driven innovation by creating unique meeting places for entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, investors, students and dreamers.

Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Norway